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The Dutch eco-brand DFNS continues to innovate and bring modernity to products dedicated to the maintenance of sneakers. This time, it’s not a cleaning kit but an object just as essential to keep shoes in good condition : the Crease Guards. These accessories have the particularity to be designed in NIKE GRIND.

As a reminder, DFNS defines itself as being « in search of being the biggest and most ecological lifestyle brand, so that we can do what we love while loving the planet ». The brand’s leitmotiv has greatly interested the American sportswear giant. Thus, last April DFNS announced to start a collaboration with NIKE GRIND to bring renewal in the range of products related to sports shoes (article available HERE).

These brand new CREASE GUARDS from DFNS are made from recycled materials Nike Grind.

More precisely, they are 100% recycled TPU inserts from NIKE shoes at the end of their life. They are used to keep the toe of your sneakers like new, without wrinkles.

Flexible and breathable, they are also durable and super easy to use. Each two-piece set of Crease Guards can be cut to size (if needed), then inserted into your sneakers to protect the toe area from everyday strain and pressure. This is a must-have for sneakerheads who want to maintain the condition of the sneakers they love so much. Thanks to DFNS, this is now possible while thinking of the planet and respecting it.

The DFNS Nike Grind CREASE GUARDS are available in different sizes : S/M: US 3.5-8 // UK 3-7 // EU 35.5-41 and L/XL: US 8.5-13 // UK 7.5-12 // EU 42-47.5 for $15 (12£) per set, at retail partners like KICKZ and JDSPORTS. Let’s go !

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