The studio

The studio


More than just a Media

What is the studio?

That’s a vision, new ideas, linking different skills which converge towards the same goal : MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

What is the studio’s goal?

It speaks to advertisers, brands, shops, etc. It is here to bring a small touch to stand out from the others with an expertise in each communication domain.


The studio strength comes from the members diversity, each one comes from different but complementary universes. Each person involved in the studio life has his own expertise, and combining those expertises plays a key role in bringing each project to life.


Our Expertise


From upstream communication to post event illustrated article redaction,
the studio offers a complete media coverage for an evening, a convention,
a launching event, etc … Whether through social media coverage,
photos and/or video report or article redaction,
feel free to contact the studio to tell us more about your project.


From simple social media visuals to a complete product lauching campaign,
the studio can help you make the difference.
Do not hesitate to contact us so that we elaborate your project.


Do you want to differentiate yourself on social media?
Do you want your product to be talked about?

The studio can guide you when setting up a global communication strategy
and support you throughout the project.


Our Team


Writing& Representation


Web& Digital Strategy


Photography& Video


Web& Digital Strategy


A Story


Bisso, my real name is Fabrice Le Goff. I grew up in Guadeloupe, in the French West Indies.

My interest in sneaker starts in the mid-1980’s, with the H.I.P.H.O.P show. My eyes stop on an Adidas Americana worn by a “Breakdancer”. This pair of shoes will be the starting point of a real passion for sneakers.

My youth revolves around sport (basketball, mountain bike, surf, running, judo, skate…) and urban culture (arts, graffiti, Djaying, fashion…) In 2000, I left my island for the Metropolis. I move to Toulouse city to pursue higher education (S.T.A.P.S). With a friend, I found the Black Sound System. A Reggae/Dancehall DJ collective that participates in concerts, festivals, warm up in France, Europe and Canada.

In 2010, I reduce my involvement in this activity in order to devote myself more seriously to sneaker, a passion I have nourished since my childhood. Very curious by nature, I document myself on sneakers, all brands combined Adidas, Nike, Asics, Reebok, Puma and I passionate about “Sneakers Culture”

Meticulous and attentive to detail, I explore the web in search of information on future exclusivities and technological innovations from brands.  As a true enthusiast, I don’t hesitate to travel in France or in Europe for events related to sneaker culture.

Sociable and loving communication, I easily integrate into the restricted sneakers’ environment.


New step, new departure! become but it’s not a simple name change! Building on the experience gained over the years and relationships with different brand or shops, I want to step up my work and go further. So I surround myself with a team to provide better content, professional quality content. I associate myself with Attraction, a communication agency from Toulouse, to create a real media and offer our common communication skills to my partners.


Thanks to my perseverance and open-mindedness, I collabore with different brands such as Asics, Adidas, Puma, Mizuno…. International shops : Afew Store, Footshop, Overkill, Foot Patrol, Asphaltgold, End Clothing, Opium Paris, Shoez Gallery, Milk, Commonwealth, Excklusive…
Brands like : Foot Locker, Courir, Snipes… Communications agencies : Zmirov, North…

2017 is born. To accompany my photos, I started writing articles about sneakers, outfits, events… This quickly leads to great international feedback and collaborations with famous people.


Diligent, passionate and detail-oriented, my Instagram is growing up. My sneakers as well as my outfits are highlighted. I do photo shoots alone or with the help of photographer friends like @only_wann or @gawmess. In the aftermath, I created @asics_addict and took control of @diadoradaily


Creation of the Instagram account @bisso97120 with moments of life and my sneakers. It’s during this period that my passion for photography evolved significantly.

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