Nike ISPA Link & Nike ISPA Link Axis

For over 30 years, Nike teams have been working to improve their designs by looking for solutions to minimize their impact on the planet. In its approach to circular design and « disassembly » (or the ability to easily disassemble a product to recycle its contents), the ISPA team Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt has developed an innovative new model, the Nike ISPA Link and is preparing a second one, the ISPA Link Axis.

The creators of the ISPA division are challenged to break the codes, to experiment and reinvent NIKE products in a circular vision.

With these 2 new models ISPA Link and ISPA Link Axis, the observation is positive : the Flyknit upper and the recycled TPU sole are separable. The upper part of the shoe can be hooked/unhooked from the lower part thanks to openings. The designers purposely avoided applying glue and other bonding elements because these materials make it nearly impossible to disassemble and recycle.

With this design method, the shoe is durable : if one of the 2 parts wears out, it can be removed without associated waste, recycled and replaced indefinitely.

In a release, NIKE explains that athletes have tested the ISPA Link for 200 hours without encountering any separation problems. The performance is thus assured with this new innovative and durable model.

The Nike ISPA Link appears in natural tones of beige, grey and earth. It consists of a Flyknit upper with a linear pattern, made from 100% recycled polyester. The TPU elements are made of 20% recycled materials and the twisted laces are removable. The pair has a Swoosh logo applied to the side heel, toe box and outsole. The outsole is color matched to the upper.

The Nike ISPA Link Axis in preparation features the same design and materials as the ISPA Link. Small difference, it’s dressed in more bold colors, such as pink, blue, orange and yellow at the upper. The recycled TPU sole appears semi-translucent and is associated with a transparent TPU cage.

The Nike ISPA Link will be released during June 2022 at select retailers and The Nike ISPA Link Axis is expected to be finalized for next year, 2023. For the latest official details, stay tuned !

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