In the early 2000s, a humble Japanese jeans company became a worldwide success thanks to the quality of its denim and the innovative and daring designs it offers.
Founded in 1991 by Mr Hidehiko Yamane, EVISU stands out for its creativity and its emblem : an imposing seagull, hand-painted, which covers the back pockets of the jeans and sometimes the back of the pant.

A pioneer in custom on clothing, its slogan is “Before anyone did anything, EVISU did everything” a nod to the phrase that John Lennon originally uttered in favour of Elvis.

With today’s interest in quality brands known as “Vintage”, EVISU is making a comeback by collaborating with a world renowned English streetwear brand : PALACE.
This brand remembers EVISU’s impact in London clubs when it was still a small underground skateboard company. It wishes to pay tribute to it with this association.

The collection consists of perfectly matched denim items : a jacket, jeans, bucket hat and a tote bag.
They are sprinkled with small denim pockets with the EVISU seagull and the brand name PALACE painted in bright, thick colours : red, yellow, green, blue, white and purple.
This collaboration also offers us :
• Hoodies in two colours : black and grey, with the seagull on the back of the sleeves and the names of the two brands appearing on them.
• Reversible Crew Neck Sweats in two colours : navy and white, with the EVISU logo and the name PALACE in white or yellow for one, and blue or red for the other.
• T-shirts in two colours : black and navy, with the two small branding coupled on the front and on the back the big triangle PALACE logo, filled with the face of the Japanese God “Evibu” from who EVISU took its name.

The whole EVISU x PALACE collaboration will be available from Friday 3rd April 2020 on the respective websites of the two brands : and

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