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Earlier this year, the new high-end sneakers brand DIZYGOTIC launched its first shoe model with the Project Alpha Momotaro « Peach Boy ». Today, the mismatched silhouette specialist unveils an upcoming creation that promises us a journey from « 420 » to « 710 » : the Project Alpha x Cheech & Chong.

This sneaker celebrates both International Cannabis Day « 420 » and National Dabbing or Oil Day « 710 » with the revolutionary cannabis counterculture legacy of comedy duo Cheech & Chong.

For the uninitiated, 420 Day (April 4) brings together consumers of dried cannabis leaves and 710 Day (July 10) honors lovers of cannabis oil and all more or less liquid concentrates.

DIZYGOTIC was inspired by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong to create its new mismatched sneakers.

In the 1970s and 1980s, these two stereotypical consumers symbolized cannabis culture in the United States. This comical duo was featured in 3 movies that dealt with the subject of cannabis with humor and lightness during their travels from Tijuana to Los Angeles and then to Amsterdam.

The pair features the colors of each character’s outfits in the movies : the left foot is predominantly yellow with red accents and the right foot is predominantly blue with red accents.

Handcrafted in DIZYGOTIC’s Nectar Lab, these sneakers consist of a premium pig suede upper with perforations on the toe box. In addition to the mismatched effect, they feature an asymmetrical design on the lateral and medial sides. The red colored heel features the embroidery of the 2 honored characters and appears made of cashmere or velvet fabric to imitate Chong’s headband or Cheech’s cap respectively. The duo is also honored via prints on the memory foam insoles. The latter are equipped with details of the films and signatures of the characters. The tongue on the left foot features red « Cheech & Chong » embroidery and the tongue on the right foot is embellished with the DIZYGOTIC logo. To complete the look, the interior lining is dressed in sky blue and purple velvet to recall the colorful and symbolic dashboard of the car of the 2 companions. The whole is based on a comfortable white midsole and on a VIBRAM Megagrip outsole that offers a stability and durability accentuated.

The pair will be delivered in a box specially designed for the occasion and with 3 different sets of laces.

For the record, the DIZYGOTIC team initially came up with the concept of this new pair on April 20, 2022 « 420 ». After completing the development of the sample, they presented the shoes to Cheech & Chong on July 10, 2022 « 710 » in Los Angeles, California. The 2 old friends are part of the campaign of this Project Alpha pair in their honor.

The DIZYGOTIC Project Alpha x Cheech & Chong will be released during November 2022 on the premium sneaker brand dizygotic.com. To not miss anything, stay tuned !

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