Cultissimes Sneakers by Tonton Gibs

Cultissimes Sneakers by Tonton Gibs

Cultissimes Sneakers by Tonton Gibs

The most famous French sneaker youtuber TONTON GIBS presents his new project: a book dedicated to sneakers and its culture. Tracing the path of iconic pairs, highlighting legendary collaborations and presenting active members of the sneaker community, this book looks like a real encyclopedia !

Tonton Gibs was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and grew up mainly in the southern suburbs of Paris. Immersed in the urban graffiti, hip hop and skateboard culture of the 90’s and 2000’s, the creative side of the famous Tonton first expressed itself in a microphone with rap verses. Obviously interested in fashion and sneakers, the Parisian started collecting pairs in 2011 without any pretension, just for fun. In 2013, he has the idea to bring to France the American concept « on feet review – unboxing » through his YouTube channel Tonton Gibs Sneakers. This enthusiast communicates his love of sneakers to a large community that continues to grow every day. To date, his channel has been viewed over 21 million times.

With this book, Uncle Gibs shares his passion for the sneaker in another format and makes it accessible to all, novices and confirmed fans alike. 280 pages of pure pleasure where we find emblematic OG models of leading brands such as Nike of course and its SB or Jordan Brand divisions, adidas, Puma, Asics, New Balance, Le cop sportif, Diadora, Saucony … but also new labels more street or luxury such as Bape, Sacai and many others. Gibs also lists ultra rare models and collaborations that have become legendary. To top it all off, stories of sneaker design and shop founding are told by famous personalities such as the talented director of Atmos Hirofumi « Koji » Kojima and Patta designer Edson Sabajo. We also discover stores whose fame goes beyond borders, such as the Parisian Opium shop or the German Afew Store. We stop teasing, we are not going to reveal everything here, other beautiful surprises await you in this book …

Tonton Gibs’ book « Cultissimes Sneakers » was published by Larousse in the « Beaux Livres Larousse » Collection on November 4, 2020, for a price of 29.95€.

Link to please you here :  Enjoy your reading !

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