10th anniversary Footshop collection, with Kartoons, 10 European artists and Reebok

The famous Czech store FOOTSHOP celebrates its 10 years of existence with qualitative and innovative projects. After a recent collab with the brand FILLING PIECES (article available HERE), the streetwear store unveils an exclusive collection elaborated with 10 artists from 10 different countries, the Czech company Kartoons, 10 European artists and the sportswear brand Reebok.

Footshop presents 10 unique cardboard armchairs, accompanied by Reebok Classic Leather Grow sneakers customized by the artist @customsmichelle and a capsule collection designed with Reebok. The project was developed as part of Footshop’s long-term mission to integrate sustainability processes into the company’s operations.

The popular Prague store collected cardboard boxes from its warehouse and called in Kartoons to do the folding and gluing. Taking the form of 10 armchairs, these cardboard assemblages were shaped and styled by 10 artists from 10 different European countries. Each creator transformed an armchair into a unique work of art, translating his inspirations and his personal style. 1 chair per year of FOOTSHOP’s existence, all unique and different. Among the 10 artists are Flavien « Mile » Flavor from Toulouse, France, Aleksandra Georgieva from Bulgaria and Daniel Labrosse from Hungary.

To accompany these special chairs, FOOTSHOP has teamed up with Reebok and @customsmichelle to create a matching exclusive Classic Leather Grow silhouette. This special pairs will come with a matching chair.

FOOTSHOP didn’t stop at chairs and wanted to take it a step further by creating a unisex textile collection with Reebok brand « Footshop meets Reebok », because relaxation isn’t complete without comfortable (and stylish) clothing. With a pastel color palette, it consists of a hoodie in 2 colors, blue or peach, and a t-shirt in 3 colors, white, peach and pink. These pieces are made of 100% organic cotton, which ensures the sustainability of FOOTSHOP, and are adorned with prints, references and quotes that are associated with the Czech shop.

To finalize the relaxing atmosphere, a FTSHP 10 YEARS x Vermi by Dara Candle, was created in collaboration with Slovakian singer and actress Dara Rolins.

The articles of this FOOTSHOP 10th anniversary collection are launched on different dates. The cardboard armchairs and Reebok Classic Leather Grow will be released on December 14, 2021 via a raffle set up at releases.footshop.com. The price is set at 300€ per model (including its associated sneaker). The clothing capsule in collaboration with Reebok is already available, 36€ for the t-shirt and 76€ for the hoodie. The FTSHP 10 YEARS x Vermi by Dara Candle is available for 28€.

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