Capsule Sacai x Emotionally Unavailable

Capsule Sacai x Emotionally Unavailable

Capsule Sacai x Emotionally Unavailable

The brand of KB Lee and Edison Chen, EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE, has teamed up with the famous Japanese label SACAI to bring us a brand new capsule inspired by the legendary board game Scrabble. This collaboration honors the long-standing friendship between the two entities and highlights their deep connections.

For the record, the two founders of EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE are already well known in the streetwear world. KyBum Lee is the former head designer of California-based label UNDEFEATED and Edison Chen is the co-founder of Hong Kong-based brand CLOT. Drawing on their respective experiences and connection to Chitose Abe, the partners created a collection that reflects the complicity between the brands through new creative forms.

KB Lee came up with the idea for the capsule design while playing Scrabble with his family. To express the great complicity between the brands, he was inspired by the way words link together thanks to their common letters. A nice metaphor for friendship and shared values.

The Made in Japan collection includes a complete outfit with jacket, shirt and pants, in a green and brown satin color palette. The signature SACAI MA-1 aviator jacket is embellished with a Scrabble board pattern, uniting the SACAI and EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE brandings. The shirt and pants with a « pajama » look are a perfect match for this design.

The SACAI x EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE capsule is now available on the label’s website and in SACAI stores worldwide. Prices are set at 580$ for the MA-1 and 490$ for the pants or shirt.

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