BOOK « When Basketball Inspires » by Jérémie Nassir

BOOK « When Basketball Inspires » by Jérémie Nassir

BOOK « When Basketball Inspires » by Jérémie Nassir

Jérémie Nassir, the founder of Trajectoire Studio, presents his book entitled « When Basketball Inspires ». A totally independent project available for pre-sale on Kiss Kiss Bank.

After producing art exhibitions and immersive experiences around basketball, Jérémie Nassir from Trajectoire Studio wanted to mix his two passions, art and basketball, in a special and unpublished book. He shows that this very popular sport has inspired and still inspires a lot of artists.

« When Basketball Inspires » is an art book that highlights more than 100 artists who have drawn inspiration from basketball.

The 304 pages that make up the book feature over 200 creations, such as art installations, paintings, sculptures, photos and exclusive encounters. This book is unique in its kind, bringing together a wide range of talent and artists. We find notably the emblematic Daniel Arsham, Jeff Koons and Victor Solomon. The icing on the cake : Serge Ibaka, the NBA player of the Los Angeles Clippers, brings his vision in the preface.

Those who wish to support this book can purchase it and thus allow its publication. Trajectoire Studio is self-publishing the book and the pre-sales campaign will cover part of the book’s production costs. If the financing is surplus, the production will be increased and Jérémie Nassir aims to create an event in December 2021 in the heart of Paris, with an artistic program open to everyone.

The book « When Basketball Inspires » is available for pre-sale on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank until the end of October, at a price of 79€. The book will be delivered in December, just before Christmas, so order it now !

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