BAPE x Swatch Big Bold 2020

BAPE x Swatch Big Bold 2020

BAPE x Swatch Big Bold 2020

The popular Swiss watch brand Swatch and the high-end Japanese streetwear label BAPE continue their collaboration. After the success of their first project, published in June 2019, the two partners are unveiling a range of watches inspired by the Summer Olympic Games and, more generally, « personalities who are not afraid to push the limits ». Three watches referring to the trio of Olympic medals are offer to us : a « Tokyo White Multi Camo », a « Tokyo Gray Multi Camo » and a « Tokyo Black Multi Camo ».

The watch with the « White » bracelet corresponds to the bronze medal, the « Gray » to the silver medal and the « Black » to the gold medal of the winner. These bracelets feature BAPE’s signature multicoloured camouflage pattern. This print is repeated in tone-on-tone on the dial in pink gold/bronze, silver or gold, depending on the medal the watch represents. All around the dial are the names of the world’s major capitals inscribed in black, or in white for the watch with the black bracelet. To complete the design, the BAPE monkey-head logo appears at the end of the white hand indicating the hours. Also, the Japanese and Tokyo brand names adorn each strap loop, while Swatch stands out on the clasp and the top of the dial. On the latter, we find the day and date function as well as the numbers 9 and 3 in bold, thus completing the design.

The BAPE x Swatch Big Bold 2020 « Tokyo White Multi Camo », « Tokyo Gray Multi Camo » and « Tokyo Black Multi Camo » watches are available in limited editions on the website, which will locate you and indicate the nearest shop where you can buy these models. The price per watch is 135€.

For your information, a boxed set of three Swatch x BAPE watches with exclusive designs has been released in an ultra-limited and numbered edition of 183 pieces worldwide for a price of 700€. This set was previewed for sale only to Swatch Club members.

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