YOUV DEE at the Metronum of Toulouse, France

This Thursday, March 9, 2023, the Metronum in Toulouse, France, welcomed YOUV DEE, an innovative artist who excels in a new world of rap that can be described as trap-metal. Organized by Bleu Citron, the concert of the rocker rapper from 95, highly anticipated by his fans, kept all its promises.

YOUV DEE has been active on the French rap scene for about ten years. His particular style aims to revive rock and break the boundaries between musical genres. Loving good music as a whole, he likes to mix styles to create his universe combining rap and rock. Far from the outfits of lambda rappers, Youv Dee totally assumes his pop punk aesthetic and his daring choices. His musical universe is inspired by the US rap sounds of artists like Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd (with whom he did a feat.). Youv Dee brought to France a new wave, a new breath that had never been seen in rap before.

The show started at 8:20 pm with a first part provided by RYMZ and his acolytes, artists from Montreal who propose a musical style influenced by old school rap and heavy metal. RYMZ explained to the audience that he met Youv Dee in Montreal during a show. The young Frenchman was immediately hooked and participated in their tour in small villages in Quebec. Youv Dee then invited them to perform as the first part of his 2023 tour.

For 30 minutes, RYMZ and his musicians warmed up the room by playing a dozen songs full of energy.

At 21:15 pm, YOUV DEE, the ‘pure product of the 9.5’ and his accomplices : Assy in backeur, Lyldrum in the drums, Maxime Christe in the guitar and Dee Huang in the bass, arrive on stage in front of warm spectators and ready to put the fire. A public ‘very hot’ dixit Youv.

Obliged to move with a crutch because of an accident to the foot, the Parisian rapper explains that he absolutely did not want to cancel the concert in spite of this medical unforeseen. The public shouts its thanks to him !

The entrance is done on an audio of a phone call of YOUV DEE with his manager who introduces one of his new songs (which is also the title of his new album) : « Pas d’accord ! ». He continues with the hits « Dollars » and « Promesse » then speaks with the public and announces to him the release of his 2nd album : « Pas d’accord ! » at midnight (Friday March 10, 2023).

In a very energetic atmosphere, the evening continues with bangers like « A quoi ça sert », « Démons », « C’est comment » and the new « Suis-moi ».

The audience jumps on the guitar riffs and the rhythm of the bass drum. They clap their hands, scream, and assure the atmosphere in the Metronum. Youv then takes his pearly white guitar for the song « Longtime », then speaks a little with the spectators in mode ‘buddy’ and he plays « Rock’n’Roll » which, very logically, finishes in general pogo.

After thanking the audience once again, the artist delivers his song « Fallait pas » and presents his team of musicians. Following the sequence with « Casper », the artists drop their musical instruments and it starts in electro rhythm. During the rest of the concert, the audience on fire launched into more pogos and YOUV DEE shared sounds from his new album like « sortir de ma tête » and the exclusive « zig zag ».

ASSY, who will soon release his solo project, played a sound, before YOUV DEE came back with the famous « Les Sous », « Stop » and « Ceci Cela ».

To end the show, YOUV sat down and asked the audience to turn on the phone lights for the track « Poseur ».

The public, which is always so enthusiastic, makes the artist and his team come back on stage to play other key tracks of Youv Dee : « j’Reve », « Opening » and « Feeling », the atmosphere is top.

For the 2nd recall, YOU DEE really closes the evening at 22:30 pm with his crutch (which he had thrown in the backstage for a while) and the song « Slay ».

The YOUV DEE concert at the Metronum in Toulouse was a very cool and crazy event, interesting and rewarding. The Parisian rapper has already conquered a good number of rap, rock and metal fans, and it’s a safe bet that his popularity will grow significantly in the months and years to come. YOUV DEE and his team continue their tour in the cities of Brest, Montpellier, Marseille, Lyon, Brussels, Nantes and Caen, before a landmark concert at the Bataclan in Paris on April 13, 2023. You can book your tickets HERE, enjoy !

Photo credit : Maxime Dacheux


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