WarEnd, « Naissance » show at Connexion Live

If you were in Toulouse, France, this Friday evening, January 27, 2023, the place ‘to be’ was the CONNEXION LIVE. This cultural place of 500m2 located in the hyper center welcomed the rising star of the Toulouse rap : WarEnd, for his very first solo concert.

WarEnd‘s name is starting to be known in the world of French hip-hop.

Born in Paris, the talented rapper lived in the Pyrénées-Orientales before arriving in Toulouse, the city he represents and on which he wants to ‘put the light’. Winner of the Buzz Booster Occitanie, winner of the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges Occitanie and popular on Tik-Tok thanks to the buzz of his song « Muse », WarEnd recently assured the first part of the concert of the famous duo from Toulouse Big Flo & Oli.

Accompanied by Bleu Citron Développement, the increasingly popular artist gave his first solo concert at the Connexion Live on January 27, 2023. A show « Naissance » of one hour and a half very well put together and which ended with a nice surprise !

WarEnd’s performance was scheduled for 9pm, with the young and interesting rapper Fall (@fxll221) as the opening act, followed by the legendary ambient DJ Viga.

Already at 6pm, some impatient ladies were posted in front of the doors of the venue located in Gabriel Péri street in Toulouse. At 7:30 pm, the waiting line had stretched over a large part of the sidewalk along the Connexion Live. When the hour of the opening of the doors arrived, the public was numerous. They enthusiastically entered the hall, which can accommodate up to 500 people, and positioned themselves strategically to make the most of the concert.

At first glance, one notices that the WarEnd audience is heterogeneous. It includes as many men as women, from young teenagers to people in their forties, probably happy to find a rap that does not follow the trend but is rather melodious and emotional, feeding on a dark and poetic inspiration.

As a decor, a TV with a ‘snow’ screen and an orange retro phone were placed in the middle of the stage.

Hyper smiling, happy to be there, WarEnd arrives on stage accompanied by his sidekick DJ Juice (@juiceoff_) and starts the show. The crowd is going wild, it must be said that the artist from Toulouse has already a solid small audience locally. The pleasure of WarEnd to be on stage is communicative, the atmosphere is warm, jovial and good child.

Beginning the show with the catchy sound « Tchop », the rapper continues with an interlude « telephone messaging » which introduces his follow-up with a psychologist. This theme will be exploited throughout the concert, WarEnd reveals himself and stages his emotions. He exposes his universe with John, his mysterious alter ego. In all, the rapper from Toulouse delivered about 20 tracks, such as the bangers « Tout est Nwar » or « Muse », and others from his first 2 EPs ‘Kuro’ and ‘Specimen’ including « Virus », « J’ai mal », « Mercure » and « Eren Jager ». After 2 encores, WarEnd announces a nice surprise to the audience : the live shooting of the video clip of his new song « Naissance ». The rapper joined the crowd and his staff equipped with phones and a camera (@only_waan) to immortalize this moment in a unique way.

This very first concert confirmed that the place of WarEnd is indeed on stage.

The rapper from Toulouse proposed a qualitative and authentic show, built like a play. The artistic level of his performance, the staging, his interactions with the audience, his smile, his gratitude towards those who support him, made this 1st solo concert a real success.

WarEnd’s 3rd EP named « Mutation h-g », will be released on February 3rd 2023, be ready and go streaming !

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