Vans x Los Angeles High School & EduCare Foundation

The legendary California brand VANS has teamed up with the Los Angeles School of Global Studies (LASGS) and the nonprofit EduCare Foundation to help students get the best education possible.

LASGS is a school founded in 2006 and located in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a member of the New Tech Network of 200 schools and takes an unconventional approach to teaching and education. Its unique method of learning is based on « an environment that engages, a culture that empowers, results that matter and technology that enables ». This school’s mission is to make students self-sufficient but also responsible, confident, empathetic, aware and committed to the community.

This school serves young people living, for the vast majority, at or below the poverty line. The iconic brand founded by Paul Van Doren in 1966 wanted to make the daily life of these students easier by following its fundamental principles : Empower, Motivate and Give back to the youth culture.

A few days ago, Vans donated 320 computers to each student in grades 9-12. This initiative, set up through the EduCare Foundation, saves parents a huge expense and makes it easier for students to learn. Steve Van Doren, Paul’s son, was in attendance and included handwritten messages of support with the donated Chromebooks. The iconic California brand also filled a camper van with Vans sneakers and other items, which were distributed free to students and their loved ones.

LASGS Director Christian Quintero commented, « Donations that go directly to the community are so important to our student population. I am grateful that Vans, in collaboration with EduCare, was able to provide technology to our students so they can access the curriculum ».

California’s leading brand VANS continues its thoughtful and responsible commitment beyond the green approach. It has donated Chromebooks to students at the Los Angeles High School of Global Studies through the EduCare Foundation in an effort to promote equal opportunity.

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