The North Face CARE Collection powered by DFNS

The North Face CARE Collection powered by DFNS

The North Face CARE Collection powered by DFNS

The Dutch eco-brand DFNS continues to seduce major brands conscious of their environmental footprint. After appearing at retail giant COURIR (article available HERE), DFNS has partnered with outdoor label THE NORTH FACE to develop a sustainable care kit : The North Face CARE Collection powered by DFNS.

DFNS defines itself as « striving to be the biggest and greenest lifestyle care brand, so we can do what we love while loving the planet. »

Founded 55 years ago in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, THE NORTH FACE hiking and climbing gear is now the world’s leading outdoor brand.

The NORTH FACE is aware of environmental issues and is building on its reputation to help protect natural areas and minimize its impact on the planet by implementing projects that promote sustainability. This collab with DFNS is part of the process.

The North Face CARE Collection powered by DFNS helps to sustainably care for gear, increase its life span, improve performance and honor the great outdoors. This exclusive line of footwear and apparel products combines care and durability. It includes Footwear Protector, Footwear Refresher, Apparel Launder and Apparel Protector, as well as Tech & Down Wash and Water & Stain Repellent, which gently clean, protect and waterproof sensitive technical materials without affecting their appearance, breathability or insulation. The concentrated solutions are more environmentally friendly than their diluted counterparts, while innovative built-in dosing systems reduce waste and ensure a reliable wash every time. These products thus cover the list of essential items for any explorer.

These solutions are contained in DFNS’ Airopack® bottles. These are the world’s first compressed air-powered plastic bottles made from recycled PET and are Global GreenTag certified, saving 50.3% of carbon emissions compared to traditional aerosols. They are used to help reduce environmental impact without compromising performance.

The North Face CARE powered by DFNS collection is now available in The North Face stores across Europe and soon online at, for the Fall/Winter 2021 season.

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