The new French brand dedicated to upcycling: PICKLOZ

The new French brand dedicated to upcycling: PICKLOZ

The new French brand dedicated to upcycling: PICKLOZ

PICKLOZ is a new French brand created 2 years ago by a father and his 2 children. At the Haddadi’s, creation is part of their DNA. Passionate about fashion, Adel, Adem, Amel and his best friend Dania also have a common goal : to present a brand dedicated to upcycling.

« I consume what I am, I am what I consume » is the motto of the Haddadi family.

Eco-responsibility is a subject that is very close to the heart of the founders of PICKLOZ. Aware that fashion is the 2nd most polluting sector in the world, Adel and his children have chosen to transform clothes and sneakers to give them a second life. Thus, they favor upcycling and do not add materials in an already existing circuit. The artisanal brand based in the Paris region transforms sneakers and clothes into unique high-end pieces.

Each member of the family plays a special role in the brand. Adel, the father, has been handcrafting items since he was 15 years old, Amel is a stylist and art director, Adel designs and manages the website, and Dania is a fashion designer. PICKLOZ handcrafts unique and custom-made pieces. It works in partnership with individuals and major brands, in a socially and environmentally responsible approach.

PICKLOZ presented PICKSHOOZ sneakers bags by Pickloz.

PICKLOZ owes its name to the English words « pick » and « clothes » and PICKSHOOZ can mean « choose shoes ».

Adel and his accomplices have transformed iconic pairs into exclusive handbag-like accessories. These bags feature a revealing design, visible stitching and a large mesh chain as a shoulder strap.

Collection 1 consists of 6 bags designed from new, second hand, unsold Jordan 1 shoes.

Collection 2 also features 6 unique hand-stitched bags created using second-hand collaborative Nike pairs.

Collection 3 includes 6 bags created from new, second-hand Jordan 1s.

The Parisian brand also created a collection featuring sneaker overlays on bags.

Human concern is never far away at PICKLOZ. The brand is socially committed with the PICKSHOOZ collection: when a creation is purchased, the person who donated the clothes used to make the piece gets 20% of the sale price.

Developing new committed projects, PICKLOZ hopes to propose to young stylists to work with them in freelance: « They could recover the clothes of the private individuals and transform them, which would allow them to touch a percentage on their créations ». To be followed closely!

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