Teddy Santis, Creative Director of New Balance Made in USA

Teddy Santis, Creative Director of New Balance Made in USA

Teddy Santis, Creative Director of New Balance Made in USA

Teddy Santis, the designer and founder of the prestigious streetwear brand AIME LEON DORE, has just announced a long-term partnership with the legendary Boston-based equipment manufacturer NEW BALANCE.

After many successful collaborations (several articles available on this site), Teddy Santis will play an important role in the American firm founded in 1906. The kid from New York will become the Creative Director of NB’s Made In USA collections starting in 2022.

This line is a perfect match for the ALD essence. We find similarities in design and aesthetics focusing on the quality of materials, the emphasis on craftsmanship and the notion of stylish streetwear.

New Balance products stamped Made in USA are high-end pieces designed with premium materials and as the name suggests, made in the USA. Teddy Santis, the Queens native, will undoubtedly bring his typical New York streetwear vibe in a refined and harmonious spirit.

Through his Instagram post announcing this partnership, he thanks and pays tribute to his family and his team Aimé Leon Dore. He finds true inspiration and support from his loved ones. The designer has already explained that he is always in action and overflowing with ideas. « The competition is strong but the goal is not to rush, it’s to do things properly and offer something special ». He has kept the habit of getting up early, at 6 a.m., since he was a teenager when he went to work with his parents in the family diner (which later became the ALD store). Teddy Santis adds, « I always felt like I was beating everyone else by getting up early. If you waking up late, by the time your brain starts firing, it’s already past noon ».

The relentless work, imagination and influences of the famous designer promises us great releases for the Made in USA collections of NEW BALANCE !

The partnership between Teddy Santis and NEW BALANCE placing him as Creative Director of New Balance Made in USA will begin in 2022. Stay tuned for the first news and products from this partnership !

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