Famous New York streetwear label SUPREME unveils a collaboration with popular cereal brand WHEATIES by General Mills as part of its Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Collections that combine the world of streetwear/footwear and cereal are always highly anticipated and usually a great success.

One of the most notable is the Reese’s Puffs collaboration with the famous Travis Scott. When it was first released in June 2019, it sold out in less than 30 seconds and the boxes were resold on the secondary market for nearly 230$ each. In the same year, Ronnie Fieg’s iconic brand, KITH, had created a special capsule to celebrate National Cereal Day. The appeal of cereal is so strong that Ronnie Fieg launched KITH Threats several years ago, a cereal bar that can be found in select KITH stores, like the recent Paris location.

WHEATIES cereals are very popular with Americans because of their taste but also because of the fun and popular packaging. The box has already been adorned with prints honoring great athletes such as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali or Lebron James. For April 2021, WHEATIES is honoring Tommie Smith, the iconic runner and activist who raised his fist in the air in protest of racial inequality at the 1968 Olympics. The price per unit is 5$ and the profits will be donated to the American civil rights organization, the NAACP.

For this collaboration, SUPREME presents the 15.6 oz. cereal box in two shades of packaging : signature camo in yellow or purple. The red and white SUPREME badge sits below the orange WHEATIES name. For completing the design,we find the cereal brand’s famous slogan : « Breakfast of Champions ». These collector boxes will be accompanied by a white t-shirt with the special box print on the chest.

The SUPREME x WHEATIES collaboration will be released on April 1, 2021, alongside collaborations with Kangol and Swarovski, which feature co-branded berets and a hoodie and beanies embellished with a Swarovski crystal S, respectively.

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