Stella McCartney x Cannondale

Stella McCartney x Cannondale

Stella McCartney x Cannondale

The famous fashion designer Stella McCartney unveils a new unexpected collaboration but true to her convictions. After presenting us the first vegan soccer shoe last month (article available HERE) designed with the adidas muse Paul Pogba, the British designer brings her touch to Cannondale bikes.

Cannondale is a high-end American bicycle brand. It’s one of the pioneers in the field of aluminum and carbon fiber bicycle frames, an innovative technology that is widely used nowadays.

Commenting on the collaboration, Stella McCartney said : « As a lifelong cyclist and someone who bikes to work every day, I couldn’t be more excited about my new shared journey with Cannondale. The bikes we created embody our shared values and vision – combining beauty and desirability with a sense of responsibility to the next generation. »

The 2 partners produced a limited edition of 18 hand-painted bikes by 3 emerging artists featured in Stella McCartney’s Fall/Winter collection.

Ed Cutis from London, Myfawnwy (Maisie Broome) from New York and Tom Tosseyn from Antwerp have transformed some of the world’s fastest models into works of art : the SystemSix, SuperSix EVO and EVO CX.

Some of them feature graphic patterns, others bold color combinations or street culture inspired prints. Each artist has honored key cities through this collaboration. These bikes represent a commitment of the 2 brands in favor of sustainable development. They aim to honor in an artistic and prestigious way this timeless and environmentally friendly means of transportation. In addition to encouraging people to leave their cars and other polluting means of transport behind, cycling helps to keep fit and avoid certain health problems.

The Stella McCartney x Cannondale collection will be on display for a limited time from November 3-17, 2021 at Stella McCartney stores in London, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo. They are not available for purchase, but can be admired as works of art.

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