“SPUNGE” the Salehe Bembury’s new brand

“SPUNGE” the Salehe Bembury’s new brand

“SPUNGE” the Salehe Bembury’s new brand

A few days before Christmas, Salehe Bembury, winner of the prestigious title « footwear designer of the year 2020 », announced his departure from the luxurious Italian house Versace to launch his own brand (article available HERE). It’s on his Instagram account that the talented designer has just unveiled the name of his label.

Salehe Bembury didn’t waste any time! Finishing 2020 by announcing his departure from Versace, he starts 2021 by presenting us his brand named « SPUNGE ».

After 3 years as Vice President Sneaker and Footwear at Versace, the Manhattan native decided to take flight and fully express his creativity and desires through his label.

Salehe Bembury introduced his brand on his Instagram account in a very clear way « SPUNGE is my brand ». The post presents the logo and the designer specifies that SPUNGE will also be the hub for all his collaborations and work.

Beginning his career as a designer in cheap brands and working his way up to the luxury house Versace, Salehe Bembury has learned « like a sponge » from his experiences to improve and innovate in his field. His brand name can refer to « being a sponge » to learn a little more every day, to soak things up in order to increase his possibilities and performance.

Given Salehe Bembury’s refined creations for Versace and his first successful collaborations with New Balance and Anta, future projects are likely to make a mark in 2021…

Go follow today the Instagram account of the SPUNGE brand : @beaspunge, as well as the personal account of @salehebembury if it is not already done. Either way, count on us to keep you informed of the latest news !

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