SALZEN édition Lucid

SALZEN édition Lucid

SALZEN édition Lucid

The German brand of high quality, modern and ergonomic backpacks SALZEN presents a new limited edition called Lucid. This collection consists of 3 flagship models : SAVVY, FREELICT and TRIPLETE M adorned for the occasion with an innovative reflective material.

These backpacks are inspired by the idea of « hidden potentials » of each of us. Features that only become visible in a specific context and that make us special. With this collection, SALZEN honors the fact that our distinct qualities are our collective strength. We must cultivate and highlight them, then share our talents in order to build a better future world.

Already very well studied and designed with great care and respect for the environment, these backpacks benefit from an additional functionality, they become reflective under the light. Elegant by day and protective by night, these models are ideal for everyday life and night life. LUCID is an ultra-light material made of thousands of glass beads, wrapped in an innovative water-based PU coating with highly reflective properties. All 3 models are ultra soft to the touch and come in a matte greyish color during the day which turns into a bright light grey color at night when exposed to light. Best of all, they are free of per and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) and are still water repellent.

A model for every need : The SAVVY benefits from the most minimalist design, it weighs 800 grams for a volume of 15 liters. The FREELICT is a 2 in 1, to be worn on the back or as a tote bag, it weighs 850 grams for a volume of 12 liters. The TRIPLETE M « easy check-in » type is modular and extensible, it weighs 1400 grams for a volume of about 35 liters.

The SALZEN Lucid edition collection is already available at some retailers and on the brand’s website marque Prices are set at 230€ for the SAVVY, 270€ for the FREELICT and 350€ for the TRIPLETE M.

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