SALZEN capsule « BLACK PRINT » Limited Edition

SALZEN capsule « BLACK PRINT » Limited Edition

SALZEN capsule « BLACK PRINT » Limited Edition

SALZEN, formerly known as AEP, is a brand of the German start up FOND OF created in 2010. Among the 7 brands of this dynamic company, SALZEN is the specialist for modern, ergonomic, high quality, innovatively designed and sustainably engineered backpacks. A unique and limited edition called « BLACK PRINT » is presented to us today.

The German brand SALZEN is environmentally conscious and is a leading member of the Fair Wear Foundation and system partner Bluesign. It also wants total transparency on the origin of the materials used to design its products.

The « BLACK PRINT » collection includes 3 sizes of backpacks : the SAVVY with a capacity of 15l, the VERTIPLORER of 21l and the TRIPLETE which is extensible up to 37l.

SALZEN wants to innovate in the world of backpacks by offering us minimalist designs with bold details and new materials.

The BLACK PRINT edition is defined as EXTRAORDINARY because of its design and functions. These black backpacks are made from an innovative high-performance microfiber material. The PU coating patented in Germany provides a leathery feel with maximum durability against dirt and moisture. This beautiful and highly resistant material is created for the premium demands of the automotive industry, especially for the prestigious brands Audi or Porsche. Each backpack in this limited collection is unique, as the material used to make the backpack comes from recycled material. Thus, each one reflects the history of a different luxury sports car. In order to optimize comfort and functionality, these backpacks are ultra-light, the straps are flexible and we discover a secret RFID-secured pocket.

The SALZEN « BLACK PRINT » EXTRAORDINARY limited edition capsule is available now on The « Savvy »  backpack at the price of 299€, the « Vertiplorer » 329€ and the « Triplete » 499€.

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