A few days ago, the first edition of a magnificent music festival dreamed and created by the two artists Big Flo & Oli, in partnership with local actors such as Bleu Citron or la Dépêche du Midi, took place near Toulouse. Having been invited as a media, I had the chance to participate to this event on both days. I suggest you to discover this first « ROSE FESTIVAL » through my eyes and the one of @Gawmess (I thank him for his pictures as I forgot to apply for a photo accreditation).

The first day, Friday, September 2, 2022, here I am on my way to the MEET (Parc des expositions de Toulouse Métropole) located in Aussonne. It’s 4:45 pm, the traffic is fluid and everything seems to be under control in terms of organization and security, with signs, volunteers and a lot of security all around the access points to the parking lots.

Once the Press bracelets have been collected, I cross a long corridor leading to a huge space that plunges me into a real visual universe tinted with pink and composed of two big stages, as well as different spaces dedicated to the catering, to the private partners or to the media. It’s by discovering all this that one realizes that this festival has already constituted a true identity of its own paying homage to the « Pink » city of Toulouse.

All this being said, once Inside the event, I came across one of the most talented painters of his generation : SUPRAW (founder of @supraaaw , @triple.sphere , @triplespherehikingclub) painting a « Rose Festival » fresco (note that over the two days many festival-goers took pictures with this fresco in the background).

Arrived on the end of the set of the artist Zinée, I begin my festival with MOUSS & HAKIM (members of the group Zebda) who from the beginning put everyone at ease by presenting themselves with a Toulouse accent and a popular music full of energy. They manage perfectly to capture the attention of the audience with a growing crowd as the performance goes on.

I miss the set of L’impératrice to continue on the one of BEN MAZUE who also made his show. It was a bit calm for me (I stayed 25 minutes), but he had his audience who obviously appreciated his performance.

At 20:05, it was DELUXE’s turn to come on stage, with a beautiful performance that captured the audience from the first minute. Personally, I didn’t know them before and I really liked the scenography and the music.

21:00, it’s the turn of the most famous duo of Toulouse and France BIG FLO & OLI to enter on stage for a real show led with power, energy and moments of interaction with a receptive public and obviously happy to be there. We really felt the love shared between the two brothers and the audience. For me, this was the best show of the Saturday.

Around 22:00, it’s ZIAK’s turn to take us into his world with a good show Drill and rap successful. It’s necessary to greet the decoration and the good play of light on this scene. Accompanied by his two partners, ZIAK knew how to occupy the space and give love to an audience not hesitating to sing with him.

23:00, it’s the turn of the Belgian-Congolese artist DAMSO to make us a good show. He was, like Big Flo & Oli, one of the most expected artists of the evening, and we can say that he did the job, with an audience not hesitating to sing and shout with him. On a personal note, I thought the show was nice. The rain, which started to fall at the end of his performance, did not prevent people from singing and dancing. At the end of his show, around 00:00, we were treated to a beautiful fireworks display in the rain. That’s when I left, without seeing the show of Polo & Pan and NTO.

This first day was very good and intense. There was no overflow and all the people I met had a smile on their face.

Second day, Saturday September 3rd, I arrived on time and I could attend the show of CHILLA, who, in spite of a big media absence for several months, found at 17:00 an audience ready to listen to her and share with her. She makes us a good show as LUIDJI who follows at 17:50 in front of a very large audience. He has not released an album for a while and yet his fan base seems solid. The numerous girls present in front of the stage know all his songs by heart and encourage him during all the show. He occupied the stage very well and interacted with the audience. I really liked his performance.

18:40, it’s the turn of the mythical rap group IAM from Marseille to set the Rose Festival on fire, oscillating between new songs and sharp classics. The energy was as much on the stage, with a wild Shurik’n, as in the public singing and jumping in all directions. A big Big Up to them because they really assured.

19:45, I go to see FKJ curious to discover a multi-instrumentalist musician and Dj. I liked very much the scenography very sixties, as well as his vintage clothes. There was a real marked style, accentuated by beautiful oldies instruments present on stage. His performance was very nice, allowing to decompress after the show of Iam and just before the show of Big Flo & Oli.

20:40, BIG FLO & OLI come back for a second show after the one the day before. What to say ? Well, once again, they make the show with a big performance. As usual, they give everything for the greatest pleasure of their fans and the public. Congratulations to them.

I don’t see the Folamour show and I go on at 22:40 with the most expected artist of the day : LAYLOW. We attend a real show, with a real scenography, interaction, sharing… feelings when the artist has wet eyes when evoking the pleasure he has to play at home in Toulouse. You can really feel the emotion in his voice. He really gave everything and made an excellent performance. A magnificent fireworks burst just after his show.

Unfortunately, caught in the emotion and debriefing with friends about Laylow’s show, I forget the other artists present and I hear part of the performance of BON ENTENDEUR who seems to make a good electro show, as the Dj/producer PAUL KALKBRENNER who follows for an electro/techno set.

Once again, I had an excellent evening. I sincerely believe that the first edition of the ROSE FESTIVAL was a real success from A to Z. The general organization was good from the beginning to the end, with a sold out festival well before the start of the event (50 000 people) and two excellent nights in terms of line up. I think that the ROSE teams will have the pressure for the next edition… We will have to do as well or even better, with a very high level already. We can’t wait for the second edition !

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