The famous sparkling water brand PERRIER presented a new collaboration event with the talented Japanese contemporary artist Takashi MURAKAMI. In early October 2020, two limited edition screen-printed Perrier bottles featuring original pop and colorful illustrations by MURAKAMI were released worldwide. The partnership will extend until 2021 with a complete PERRIER line featuring the Japanese artist’s designs and colors.

This collection is part of a long tradition of relations between PERRIER and great artists such as Salvador Dali or Andy Warhol, to name but a few.

Takashi MURAKAMI made a name for himself in 2003 by unveiling a collaboration based on handbags with the Haute Couture house Louis Vuitton. This was followed by partnerships with street brands such as Vans or designers such as Virgil Abloh and musicians such as Pharell Williams and Billie Eilish. MURAKAMI draws its inspiration from traditional Japanese painting as well as science fiction, manga and international art. Passionate about art in the broadest sense, the Japanese artist also directs and produces videos and animated films. Also, he has been working with the Perrotin contemporary art gallery for 27 years.

The motif of smiling flowers, Takashi MURAKAMI’s signature, brings a touch of color, audacity, joy and innocence to the iconic PERRIER green bottles. The colorful and pop universe of the Japanese artist creates a beautiful contrast with the elegant and minimalist design of PERRIER. The 33 cl bottle features Kaikai and Kiki, the two fetish characters of the Japanese artist. Their names mean « Well done » or « Wow ». Kaikai is smiling, white with rabbit ears and evokes good mood. While Kiki has a pink body, short ears, 3 big eyes, pointed canines and gives off a mischievous look. 75 cl bottles, as well as glass classics are also proposed, all decorated with the joyful colorful flowers of MURAKAMI. For the year 2021, bottles in other formats and made of different materials will be presented to us by the two partners.

The PERRIER x MURAKAMI collection, which appeared in 33cl and 75cl bottles in October 2020, will be extended to a full range of PET bottles and cans in the year 2021. Good luck to cop these bottles that can be qualified as collector’s items.

In the meantime, you can watch a small report on the universe of MURAKAMI and its PERRIER bottle design

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