1/ Could you introduce yourself and tell us who Marlouwns is ? (where are you from, who are you, your age (if you want), your origins, where did you live? …)

I’m Marlene, I’m 22 years old, I’m Congolese and Angolan, I come from Dole in the Jura, France and I arrived in Limay, 78 at the age of 12.  I’ve been living with my mother and my sisters for 10 years.

2/ What do you do professionally and what are your passions ? Are the two linked ? (work and passion)

I am a STAPS student in Nanterre and a parallel education assistant. I have always been a sports fan, I started at the age of 6 with athletics, with 1000 meters and javelin throw as my discipline for 6 years. When I arrived in Limay, I turned to football, which was really a revelation for me, I played, trained and now I am one of the trainers in the association « Futbol da força » which aims at the insertion of women in the world of football as a coach. So I would say yes, the two are linked and I intend to keep it that way.

3/ I saw that you also have a second IG page called @wswbym. A page dedicated to women and sports. Can you tell us about it ?

Yes @wswbym is an ongoing project that aims to bring together women in the world of sport, to support each other and to put forward young girls/women, whether it’s a hobby or professional. Because I think we don’t talk about it enough, we need to be united among women : we will be stronger together, we will be listened to even more if we have the same speech, we will be taken seriously more easily and also in terms of identification, I think that the young sportswomen of tomorrow need to identify with female role models and even more if these models look like them. I hope very quickly to be able to get back on my page, so stay tuned.

4/ You have today the chance to collaborate with Nike By You on a creative project, can you describe us precisely the Nike By You Workshop project ?

Nike By You Workshop is a project that aims to co-design a pair of sneakers while telling its story through them. We had 3 choices, the Air Max 1, 90 and 97, and then we had to design it a bit like a Nike ID. We also had to make our own showcase with our photos, our inspirations, our story, the story of the pair and its name. And it’s on sale on the Nike website for a limited time and in a limited quantity.

5/ Which model did you choose and why did you choose this cult model?

I chose the Air Max 1 for its story because it’s very similar to mine. Namely, when it was created, Nike was really looking for something new to raise the bar, so Tinker Hatfield had the idea to make the air cushions visible, but the Nike team members doubted about the success of this one which in the end, turned out to be an iconic pair. I would say that I find myself in this story because very few people around me were betting on my success, they hoped for it but had doubts because they only saw who I was on the outside (a tomboy, quite « crazy » and chatty), instead of focusing on who I was on the inside (Marlene an intelligent, ambitious and hard-working girl).

6/ Where did you get the inspiration for the design of this pair ?

The inspiration came from the human, which I often compare to a Kinder Surprise in which we find the chocolate that represents the outside (skin colour, morphology, clothes…) and the surprise that represents the inside (the soul, the heart, the real us). That’s why I called my pair INSIDE for the inside which ultimately is more important than the outside.

7/ After this first project with Nike By You, what project would you dream of setting up with them or another brand ?

I would really like to be able to release the OUTSIDE it would be so crazy, but to be able to really choose the colors, the materials and why not to make a collaboration with Jordan one day ? It would be a goal, or to be able to collaborate with them on my project @wswbym always with Nike, the base.

8/ Now that we know a little bit more, can you tell us more about the launch? (Date, place, size, price …)

INSIDE will be on sale on the website on June 19th for 155€, from women’s size EU 35,5 to EU 44,5 and men’s size EU 38,5 to EU 49,5.

9/ Thank you for answering our questions. If you wish to add something we didn’t mention, you now have the last word.

Thank you for the interview and don’t forget that we are human first, so think INSIDE, this pair is yours.

Kiss and Slay evryday!

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