1/ Could you introduce yourself and tell us who Farah is ? (Where you come from, who you are, your age (if you want), your origins, where you have lived…)

Hello, I’m Farah Ack, I’m 25 years old. I grew up in the Parisian suburbs in the 93. I’m a designer, artistic director and founder of the HOODJAB brand.

2/ What do you do professionally and what are your passions ? Are the two linked ? (Work and passion)

 Totally, they’re intimately connected. I have given myself the means to frequent the universe I wanted, and this allows me to work with clients whose universe I appreciate and who correspond to me. I built my own artistic identity during my studies, and very quickly I made the bridge between art and my other influences by attending a packaging design course at the Ecole Estienne in Paris.

Today I do design, graphic design and art direction for different brands, blinds or private individuals but it’s more rare. I started by working in an agency and in a small company but freelance is now what suits me best.

3/ As a designer and founder of Hoodjab, can you tell us more about the brand ? Its DNA ? Its history ?

HOODJAB is a brand of accessories that aims to be unisex. It has its own meaning : Hood, here it becomes a state of mind, a mood ; Jab by a quick punch, it also refers to the last 3 letters of the word Hijab, a veil, a scarf. These two elements cover the head, but never veil the spirit.

The brand by drop, the items are sold during a pop-up or a party and then on the website I created it because I felt this need and this desire to express my own vision of style, I certainly did it through looks that I call “Lookjab”, but it sometimes didn’t represent the state of mind I had. HOODJAB is in a way the essence of this creativity, a balance.

4/ When people think of you in terms of sneakers, they quickly associate you with Nike and Jordan. Where does this idea come from or not ? Do you confirm it ? Do you wear other brands of sneakers ?

Well, I always grew up with the swoosh, because my uncle was a professional soccer player, so he was sponsored by NIKE and so I never lacked for anything and I was even lucky enough to get some new sneakers or pairs before their release dates. I also picked up pairs from the generation above and so grew up with Jordan 11s and Jordan 1s.

Nowadays Adidas Germany uses my services as a DA and thus, out of respect I sometimes wear The 3 stripes !

5/ Today you have the chance to collaborate with Nike By You on a creative project, can you tell us more about the Nike By You Workshop project?

It’s not really a collaboration in the literal sense, but a co-creation workshop, but I hope one day I’ll have this opportunity. This Nike By You project consists in designing your own pair of Nike that will be sold on the site in very limited quantities. I’m a bit frustrated, I would have liked to express myself more, but only 3 pairs of silhouettes were proposed and the platform had a lot of similarities with the Nike id, therefore interesting for some beginner profiles, less for insiders. When you’re a designer, you aspire to be able to put material, to think a product for the user, to improve or facilitate the use, this is not necessarily the case.

But well, not this time, and that’s the challenge of being able to make something with such strong constraints.

6/ Which model did you choose and why did you choose this cult model ?

An Air Max 1 is the one that represents me the most and it’s the most comfortable among the proposed silhouettes. This model brings together diversity, and I’ve communicated and developed an artistic approach around it.

7/ Where did you get the inspiration for the design of this pair ?

First of all, I put my inspirations in the drawing, sketching and moodboard. Then, I analyzed the possibilities via the brand conditions and the platform, which automatically reduced things and kept the essential of what could be done. Considering the color palette, the elements that make the pair… I was inspired by the suburbs and this community that everyone forms, boxing, everything that I love and that makes me.

8/ After this first project with Nike By You, what project would you dream of setting up with Nike or Jordan?

 A collaboration on a Jordan 1 High ! In limited quantity and more independance of design as Youssouf Fofana (Maison Château Rouge) or Melody Ehsani could magnificently do. I would like to develop the whole aspect of identity, design research, communication, as well as the product launch .

 9/ Now that you’ve made our mouths water, can you tell us more about the launch ? (Date, place, size, price …)

 The beginning of the promotion has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The current situation stopped us organizing some things but we had to stay creative on the inside. The launch will take place from 19th to 28th June 2020, with the reveal of a showcase preview consisting of the history of the pair and a visual banner. The pair itself will go on sale on June 19th.

10/ Thank you for answering our questions. If you want to add something we didn’t mention, you now have the last word.

 The AIR JAB will be available soon !

Mucho love from the Hood.

The Nike Air Jab will be available on Friday June 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm on the Nike website.

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