Nicolas Barrome Forgues x AWAKE .01 « Wake Up »

Nicolas Barrome Forgues x AWAKE .01 « Wake Up »

Nicolas Barrome Forgues x AWAKE .01 « Wake Up »

The brand of Sustainable Innovation that challenges the codes of watchmaking AWAKE has partnered with the all-terrain plastic illustrator Nicolas Barrome Forgues to develop an ultra limited series called « WAKE UP », based on the Awake .01 watch model.

AWAKE is a young French watchmaking collective committed to sustainable development, upcycling and ecological awareness. With his fantastic and offbeat universe, the creator Nicolas Barrome Forgues shares his vision of today’s world. Originally from Saint Jean de Luz, on the Basque Coast, the plastic artist is close to AWAKE and his innovative .01 watch made from fishing nets. Their partnership gently conveys a strong message : awareness of the climate emergency.

The Awake .01 watch is the result of more than a year of research and development. Today it’s the most successful eco-friendly watch in the world. The dial is made of RE:FN-S1, a material made from recycled fishing nets. The strap is ultra sustainable, made of BioPoly : a material developed from plants, here castor beans. The watch works, without batteries, thanks to a movement powered by light, a solar technology developed in Japan. Pushing the eco-responsible approach as far as possible, the packaging is made of sugar cane fiber, biodegradable and compostable.

Nicolas Barrome Forgues has applied his creative style to all parts of the « Wake Up » watch. This beautiful black accessory is adorned with a fresco of characters that seem to be drawn with grey pencil. An artistic and humorous patchwork composed of more than a hundred original, offbeat and irreverent drawings. A white-spotted bezel, totally black hands and the white Awake branding on the dial, revisited by Nicolas Barrome Forgues for the occasion, complete the design. Through this fascinating work to watch, the two partners illustrate, with humor and provocation, the climatic urgency. To affirm the exclusivity of the collaboration, each model is numbered.

The collaboration Nicolas Barrome Forgues x AWAKE .01 « Wake Up » will be available on December 9, 2020 on the awakeconcept.comwebsite, for a price of 300€.

The first 10 buyers will receive a gift : an exclusive lithography printed at the Métairie Bruyère, one of the oldest printing houses in Europe. This work, with the drawings of the watch, will be numbered and signed.

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