« Les Boss du Playground » in Toulouse by BALL’N CONNECT

After a wild « LAST ROUND » final last June, the start-up BALL’N CONNECT is organizing a new national streetbasket tour through various French cities. The next stage of  « LES BOSS DU PLAYGROUND » will take place in the famous pink city : Toulouse.

Since its launch in April 2021, the French start-up BALL ‘N CONNECT has been growing in popularity and has become the 1st social basketball app in France. Free and intuitive, it offers 3 services : FIND, which allows you to search for courts or players, PLAY, which is to be selected for the organization of matches, and PROGRESS, to develop your game and your skills. The app has already gathered 30,000 members and referenced more than 2,750 courts.

BALL’N CONNECT has embarked on a new national tour to continue to unite the entire basketball community.
In collaboration with the local association « La Toulouserie », « Les Boss du Playground » will take place this weekend in Toulouse.
2 tournaments will be organized, one female and one male, with unique rules :
– 5 players per team (4 on the field + 1 in rotation).
– Game on half court in 12 points (2-points/3-points) or 7 minutes.
– The team that loses 12-0 is directly eliminated.
– At 3 team fouls, 1 free throw will be worth 2 points.

On each court, 8 teams will compete to become  « les Boss du Playground » of Toulouse and its region. The formula is unique : the winner stays on the court until they are beaten.

The winner of the tournament is the last team to stay on the playground.

The winners of these 2 tournaments in Toulouse will represent their city at the national finals, scheduled for the summer of 2023 in Paris.

On the program, in addition to the games, dunks, spectacular actions, trash-talk, an overexcited atmosphere, DJ sets. The perfect cocktail for a hot Sunday !

« Les Boss du Playground » will take place in Toulouse, FRANCE on August 28, 2022 on the Stadium court, on l’ile du Gand Ramier. The women’s tournament will start at 2pm and the men’s tournament at 4pm. Team registration is possible on the Ball’N Connect application and spectator access to the event is free. ENJOY !

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