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Like KITH and other popular streetwear brands, the famous Italian label LC23 unveils its Spring Summer 2023 collection. Known for its handmade fashion items in Italy and iconic collaborations with Diadora, Leo Colacicco, the founder of the Puglia-based brand, offers a wide range of diverse garments with eye-catching designs.

This new Made in Italy collection includes iconic pieces made from a combination of original, special and high quality materials.

It’s hard to name a standout item as the collection is full of well-crafted garments with a unique look. LC23 has developed clothing with outdoor, streetwear, lifestyle and even chic influences. Designer Leo Colacicco likes to play with colors, prints, material textures and cut details to create innovative and unique pieces. Some of the clothes in this collection have a ‘cowboy’ and ‘wide open spaces’ theme.

For example, a camouflage-inspired jacket and matching tote bag are adorned with bits of fabric that seem to stand out to give the illusion of foliage. Leo Colacicco also designed a very attractive jacket-trouser set, with a multicolored floral pattern reminiscent of historical tapestries. Other jacket-pant sets are also proposed to us. One features a ’tile’ print in 3 shades of grey, another is adorned with touches of pink, green, blue and yellow on a beige base decorated with a harmonious pattern of brown dots. Also, a 3rd one appears ideal for exploration with its light brown color, light fabric and multiple pockets, as well as a last one in black designed with weather resistant materials.

The collection also includes a light blue or grey suit, a sleeveless short vest, a denim jeans and jacket with a ‘cowboy on horseback’ design on the back, knitted vests and a sleeveless vest with patches, a multi-colored sweater with cowboy prints, different styles of pants, a hoodie, t-shirts and shirts. A large black or beige liberty bucket hat (matching with one of the pants) completes the outfit.

The Spring-Summer 2023 collection of the Italian brand LC23 will be released on March 17, 2023 in the store of Gioia del Colle and online at Be ready !

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