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This year 2023 marks an emblematic anniversary for the sports brand HUMMEL, its 100 years. To celebrate this centenary of activity and its current work, it offers us a special collection composed of iconic products.

« HISTORY IS WHAT WE DO », says Hummel, which wants to show that history is not represented by the great projects it did yesterday, but by what it does today.

For its 100th anniversary, let’s take a look back at the origins and rise of the HUMMEL brand.

In 1923, a young German entrepreneur by the name of Max Albrecht Ludwig Messmer and his father, Michael Messmer, founded the company « Messmer & Co » in Hamburg. They launched a soccer shoe called « HUMMEL », and that was the beginning of HUMMEL. This new product survived 30 difficult years, due to political circumstances, increasing competition and changes in ownership. In 1960, the young visionary Bernhard Weckenbrock took over the company and modernized it completely. He transformed the HUMMEL product into a brand, developed pioneering sponsorships and creative events, and succeeded in integrating HUMMEL into the wider world of sports. In the 1970s, a partnership with the Danish national soccer team marked the beginning of a golden age for the brand. Building on its popularity, HUMMEL became a few years later the Danish property of Jørgen Vodsgaard and Max Nielsen – with soccer players Frank Arnesen, Allan Simonsen and Henning Jensen as co-owners. It has been and still is the sponsor of some of the biggest clubs in the world such as Real Madrid, Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur.

This special collection focuses on contemporary designs that revisit HUMMEL classics to celebrate the past, present and future with the TikTok generation.

The collection consists of various iconic items, including a flagship sneaker : the timeless St. Power Play, available in 4 colorways. This model dates back to the 1980s, the peak of Hummel’s appearance on the field. A democratic design that has become a staple within the brand. The offer also includes other models such as the Stockholm LX-E Archive, VM78 CPH MS, Fallon, Reach LX, Marathona LX, Handball Perfekt, Monaco 86 perforated, Busan and the Slimmer Stadill.

On the textile side, we find sports essentials ranging from tracksuits to women’s bras, as well as shorts, leggings, different types of pants, t-shirts, collared or chimney sweatshirts, socks and caps.

Designed for the whole family, the new collection also includes sneakers for children, such as the Reflex Velcro JR and the Camden JR, and sportswear textile pieces.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the HUMMEL brand thinks the best way is to dance. She commented : « This year’s inaugural HISTORY IS WHAT WE DO NOW campaign is joyful, timeless and irreverent, uniting generations in an unexpected celebration of the brand’s mantra: “DANCE LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING. »

The HUMMEL 100th Anniversary Collection is now available at select retailers and on the brand’s website As a guide, the St. Power Play is priced at 69.95€, the short sleeve t-shirts around 20€ and the Loose Pants 59.95€. Don’t sleep !

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