HIP-HOP CULTURE ‘Gloire au rap, à la danse hip-hop et au graffiti’

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To our delight, the end of 2022 is marked by many eye-catching collaborative projects. In addition to innovative streetwear collections and reinterpretations of iconic sneakers (from DJ Khaled to Jacquemus to Bodega for example), street culture lovers have worked hard to present us with complete and attractive books. Uncle Texaco, François Gautret and Comer have joined forces and their knowledge to release a book focused on the world of hip-hop : « HIP-HOP CULTURE ‘Glory to rap, hip-hop dance and graffiti ‘ ».

The month of November 2022 has been very fruitful in terms of books ! One of the most famous of the uncles of France TONTON GIBS opened the show by releasing his book «  Cultissimes Sneakers 2.0 »  on November 9th, the legendary Larry Deadstock offered us his work « 1000 sneakers Deadstock » in pre-order with a scheduled release on November 30th and in between, on November 23rd, Uncle Texaco, François Gautret and Comer launched their book paying tribute to the hip hop culture.

Also, the book « THE ONES » by Markus Greulich dedicated to the Air Max 1 is regularly reissued since October. It offers an interesting vision on all the variations of the cult sneaker designed by Tinker Hatfield.

« HIP-HOP CULTURE ‘Glory to rap, hip-hop dance and graffiti’ » is a collector’s book of 288 pages that presents a complete panel of hip-hop culture. By hip hop culture we mean rap music, street dance such as breakdance and street art such as graffiti.

The DJ/marketing consultant who has worked for iconic music labels, Uncle Texaco, took care of writing about his favorite field : rap, the iconic graffiti artist Comer elaborated the graffiti part of the book and François Gautret, who started breakdancing in 1989, brings us his knowledge about hip hop dance.

Enriched with photographs and interviews of street culture actors, this book traces the great and beautiful history of hip hop culture.

The 3 authors offer us an instructive and playful journey from the end of the 70’s to nowadays through the United States and France. We can read about the very first B-Boys and B-Girls, about the beginnings of graffiti, with notably Darryl McCray, and about rap legends such as Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, as well as about the late icons Biggie and 2Pac.

This book takes us through the high points of hip hop, but also through its various musical and artistic undercurrents. We learn as much about breakdancing in Paris as we do about tagging in the New York subways, for example. There are also pages devoted to current phenomena, such as the rise of Afro Trap or Cloud Rap, including French artists Niska and the brothers of PNL.

This book is a must-have for all hip hop culture lovers. It was released at the perfect time to be added to Santa’s list !

The book « HIP-HOP CULTURE ‘Gloire au rap, à la danse hip-hop et au graffiti’ » by Uncle Texaco, François Gautret and Comer is available since November 23, 2022 for 34.95€ ($36.45), at FNAC and CULTURA, as well as in the book section of the E.Leclerc supermarket, in some bookstores, on furet.com and decitre.fr. Let’s go !

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