G-SHOCK GA-110 Dragon Ball Z & G-SHOCK GA-110 One Piece

G-SHOCK GA-110 Dragon Ball Z & G-SHOCK GA-110 One Piece

G-SHOCK GA-110 Dragon Ball Z & G-SHOCK GA-110 One Piece

The famous watch brand powered by Casio, G-SHOCK, is expanding its collection of collaborations. Two new GA-110 watches inspired by the famous Japanese manga Dragon Ball Z and One Piece are presented today.

First of all a little reminder of G-SHOCK :

In the early 1980s, CASIO’s watch designer and engineer, Kikuo Ibe, developed a G-SHOCK wristwatch that is renowned for being virtually indestructible: resistant to shocks, centrifugal force and high water pressure. The first G-SHOCK watch, the DW5000, released in 1983, was a huge success and opened the door to other G-SHOCK models combining robustness, elegance, innovation and multi-functionality. Very quickly, these watches became the favourite models of the dynamic urban youth. Over the years, they have become very popular with famous streetwear labels and beautiful collaborations have been created.

The G-SHOCK GA-110 Dragon Ball Z features one of the main characters of the anime : Son Gokû. The watch is dressed in orange, corresponding to the warrior’s outfit. The strap is covered with illustrations and graphics finely drawn in black. They take up the Super Sayan evolution of Son Gokû and evoke important moments of the series. Gold accents can be seen on the black dial, as well as a red Z logo and a 4-star ball motif, a nod to the seven dragon balls so coveted in the manga. To complete the design, branding details stand out in gold, the dial is illuminated in yellow and the title Dragon Ball Z is engraved on the back of the dial.

The G-SHOCK GA-110 One Piece pays tribute to the leader of the anime : Monkey D. Luffy. This character has an ambivalent personality which is transposed on the watch. A black strap with burgundy red drawings on different parts of the strap correspond to the Luffy « Gear » : naturally smiling and friendly. While the icy white graphics on the other parts of the bracelet refer to the Luffy « Nightmare » : the dark and combative pirate who dreams of becoming the new king by finding the legendary treasure, the One Piece, abandoned by the late king. The black dial and finely drawn images of Luffy accentuate the dark look of the watch. A touch of contrast is provided by gold accents on the dial. The Luffy’ straw hat with red ribbon and the red inscription Wanted are also found on the dial. On the back of the dial, the pirates’ X logo, recalling the mark that Luffy has on his chest, is engraved above the One Piece inscription.

Each of these G-SHOCK will be delivered in an elegant case in the main colour of the strap, with the logos and the title of the manga in question.

These G-SHOCK GA-110 collaborative watches will be available in the summer 2020, on the G-SHOCK online store for an advertised price of 219€.

The One Piece will be available from July 22nd, and the Dragon Ball Z will be launched one month later, on August 22nd, 2020.


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