G-SHOCK Collection Flare Red MTG-B3000FR & GWG-2040FR

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G-SHOCK continues to unveil attractive projects in connection with its 40th anniversary in April 2023. After starting the celebration with a model designed in collaboration with Eric Haze, the iconic Japanese watch brand continues with a special « Flare Red » collection.

This series includes commemorative models dedicated to the fans of the 1st hour. Featuring a signature G-SHOCK bright black/red color code, the MTG-B3000FR and GWG-2040FR appear as 2 anniversary watches. The design refers to a powerful solar flare. These 2 models are adorned with the exclusive « 40th anniversary » logo designed by Eric Haze. It’s visible on the case back. Another special anniversary detail : 4 stars, one for each past decade, are engraved on the strap buckles, along with the commemorative mention « Since 1983 ».

These watches feature multi-colored laminated bezels designed with glow-in-the-dark materials in the signature G-SHOCK bright red color. The iconic brand created in 1983 used a brand new technique to laminate together sheets of carbon and colored fiberglass and cut them to the shape of the bezels. The phosphorescent particles mixed inside the fiberglass sheets create a beautiful and powerful visual effect, even in the dark. Each bezel is unique as the materials have a singular appearance depending on where the bezel was cut in the lamination.

For the GWG-2040FR, phosphorescent particles are also mixed into the forged carbon of the lugs that connect the case to the bracelet, creating random patterns of intense luminous beauty in the dark.

These watches come in special black cases with an eroded aesthetic.

The G-SHOCK Flare Red collection is now available at the G-SHOCK Store in Paris, at other retailers and online at g-shock.eu/en. Prices are set at 1350€ ($1305) for the MTG-B3000FR and 1150€ ($1150) for the GWG-2040FR.

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