FOOTSHOP FACEMASKS for free this weekend

FOOTSHOP FACEMASKS for free this weekend

FOOTSHOP FACEMASKS for free this weekend

In this unprecedented period of global health crisis, Footshop’s teams are bouncing every day to combine satisfaction and strict hygiene rules for its employees still on site and us, the confined consumers.

 In fact, the warehouse is still ensuring its functions in the best conditions thanks to the 200 masked people who work to fulfil customer orders.

Having provided this newly essential element to all its active members, Footshop has taken the initiative to offer free face masks to sneaker addicts who would place orders this weekend and next week.

In addition, it’s a nice, sober, unisex, washable 100% cotton, black mask with the positive phrase “Together we can win” and the footshop branding written in white.

The luckiest ones already have a mask included in their package without even asking for it, as Footshop randomly added 800 of them to their package during the week.

But don’t worry, the stock amounts to 2000 pieces and will be sold out from today until next week.

So you’re welcome to place your order quickly to make you happy and at the same time, support the shop which will be able to join you this stylish sanitary bonus.

 Don’t forget the current Footshop motto “Keep the smile under the mask”.

 Stay Safe

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