Foot Locker appoints Melody Ehsani Creative Director for Women

Los Angeles-based designer Melody EHSANI becomes the first Creative Director for the Women’s Department of Foot Locker. Known for her streetwear brand ME and her commitment to women’s independence, Melody EHSANI will bring her personal touch to the growing women’s footwear and streetwear category.

« Everyone in the streetwear industry has Melody EHSANI on their radar », said Alexis Stoll-Scigliano, Foot Locker’s marketing director.

The designer is best known for her popular Plexiglas jewelry collections, which serve as ornaments for her textile pieces and sneakers. Her style is inspired by paradox and controversy, but also by justice and the transgression of limits, bringing new impetus to women’s fashion. As a designer committed to fighting racism and discrimination, a portion of the sales of each of the items in her collections is used for the advancement and education of women.

Melody ESHANI has also accumulated an impressive sales record during her collaborations with Nike, Jordan Brand and Reebok. For example, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Fearless that she revisited sold in less than 2 minutes. Its price on the aftermarket was almost multiplied by 10, it fluctuates around 1000€. Jesse Einhorn, senior economist at the StockX resale platform shared his opinion on Melody EHSANI: « She was a pioneer. We can attribute to her the re-launch of the Jordan 1 Mid, which had an explosive growth and became a must-have style ». In 2020, the purchase of women’s sneakers on StockX will increase by more than 100% year-on-year, as will the number of female users.

It’s therefore a very good idea for Foot Locker to welcome the renowned California designer to its team.

Melody ESHANI will be leading content and product development for Foot Locker’s women’s category. She will create capsule collections of quarterly apparel and will be responsible for the ongoing selection of Nike and Jordan Brand products.

In December 2020, the designer designed an exclusive collection inspired by her favorite sport, basketball, for Foot Locker’s « 12 Days of Greatness » vacation campaign. A small preview of the great things to come for the rest of 2021…

The first capsule collection will be available during the summer of 2021 in stores and on, in the United States and Canada, as well as in selected cities in Europe and Asia-Pacific. A digital crowdsourcing program could also be set up. Consumer feedback will be used to determine the location of an ephemeral ME x Foot Locker store to purchase the collection one week prior to the official release.

For more details and news, follow @melodyehsani on Instagram, as well as @footlocker and @footlockerwomen if you haven’t already done so !

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