DFNS is coming at COURIR

DFNS is coming at COURIR

DFNS is coming at COURIR

The Dutch ecological brand DFNS arrives at COURIR ! After having already conquered a number of major retailers, such as JDsport, Snipes or Patta, the sneaker cleaning and care specialist will be distributed at the number 1 sportswear brand in France.

DFNS defines itself as being « in search of being the greastest and most greenest lifestyle care brand, so that we can do what we love while loving the planet ».

To maintain sneakers in an ecological way, DFNS offers its PROCTECTOR and CLEANER products at COURIR. All DFNS solutions are water-based, solvent-free and biodegradable. Committed to sustainable development and respect for nature, the suppliers chosen by DFNS are constantly striving to reduce their water consumption, waste and their CO2 impact.

The PROTECTOR allows shoes to be waterproof while letting feet breathe. It’s a breathable liquid repellent that really works. It’s manufactured in a factory with NSF certification (food safety certification). As stated earlier, it’s water based, biodegradable but also safe to spray indoors as it has no volatile gases. It has a carbon footprint that is 32% to 42% less than conventional aerosols.

The CLEANER is used to clean the dirtiest sneakers and make them look like new. Like the PROTECTOR, it’s water-based, biodegradable and solvent-free. This product is made in a Cradle to Cradle Gold certified factory (recognized as a safe and sustainable product with a positive impact on the planet). It’s contained in innovative Airopack® compressed air bottles, free of harmful chemicals and volatile gases. These containers are, since 2021, certified Green Tag, one of the most reliable eco-labels.

DFNS products will be arriving at COURIR very soon. Continue to love sneakers, while taking care of the environment. We will communicate the exact date of this launch quickly, stay tuned !


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