Multidisciplinary American contemporary artist Daniel Arsham is known for his bubbling ideas and unclassifiable creations. His work encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, video, scenography…and can be found as much in the fashion of haute couture, as recently with the collaboration Dior, as in a more street world, with the creation of the bronze Spalding basketball or the Gameboy Crystal.

 His creations of objects or works that have marked their era belong to architecture, art with touches of archaeology, combined with performance. Moreover, we remember that the artist with multiple influences, including pop culture, reproduced the synthesizer of the talented musician Pharell Williams in volcanic ash.

 Today, it’s on a famous character, known to young and old alike, that this Daniel Arsham wanted to bring his vision : Pikachu from Pokemon. The creator is fossilizing essential elements of our society by re-imagining it as a monument of the Kanto region. This collaborative sculpture appeared in white for China exclusively and will be available in crystal blue for the rest of the world.

The “Blue Crystalized Pikachu” is a work of art created from a hand-carved Pikachu made from ice blue cast resin and aluminum oxide. This collector’s item measures 33 centimetres by 5.13 kilograms. Like the iconic Japanese character, the sculpture has a frank smile and exudes a beautiful enthusiasm. However, the artist has added his touch by creating an open space, allowing the inside of the work to be seen, on the belly, forehead and part of the back. Other parts such as the ear, the paw and a piece of the tail seem to be “bitten”. This sculpture is reminiscent of ancestral statues, with traces of the passage of time, exhibited in the largest museums. To perfect the precious side of the work, it’s delivered in a case created by the Arsham workshop with a die-cut protective foam, a sealing label and a pair of personalised artistic handling gloves. Also, each Pikachu includes a holographic label allowing verification of its edition number and authenticity.

 The sculpture “Blue Crystalized Pikachu” will be available on Friday, April 24, 2020 on the author’s website

This edition is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

 In this period of lockdown, I invite you to take a look through the books presenting Daniel Ashram’s work and take advantage of the online virtual tours of art exhibitions to discover his creations.

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