Collection sacai x ACRONYM

Collection sacai x ACRONYM

Collection sacai x ACRONYM

After having introduced itself in the Parisian haute couture by collaborating with Jean Paul Gaultier and then DIOR (articles available on this site), the brand SACAI is back with a collaboration with the refined streetwear brand ACRONYM.

ACRONYM is a German brand co-founded in 1994 by the designer Errolson Hugh. It focuses on the fusion of style and technology in functional clothing. The label is known for its innovative and versatile designs applied to an often monochrome palette. Errolson Hugh already has a great track record. He has been commissioned by NIKE to oversee the reintroduction of its ACG line, collaborated with German special forces clothing manufacturers and his Analog MD Clone jacket was named one of the most interesting inventions of 2002 by TIME magazine.

With this collaborative collection, Errolson Hugh wants to honor the respect and friendship he has with his friend and fellow SACAI founder Chitose Abe. He said : « Having known Chitose, and of course Sacai, for many years, this collaboration is the perfect type of cross-pollination. And as I think you can see from the results, it’s a true blending of the two brands’ philosophies, where the sum is greater than the parts ».

The collaboration includes a men’s line and a women’s line. It consists of iconic ACRONYM outerwear with a SACAI twist. The 2 designers wanted to combine their particular sense of design to create a unique collection in the spirit of « linking ». We find jackets of différent lenghts, shorts, vests and even a dress, a first for the ACRONYM brand. These pieces feature innovative technical details from ACRONYM fused with iconic SACAI fabrics and shapes. They appear in the monochromatic color palette of Hugh’s brand mixed with the androgynous aesthetic of Abe’s. Some of the women’s items are adorned with ethnic motifs.

The sacai x ACRONYM collection will launch in January 2022. The men’s line will be part of the Spring/Summer 2022 collection and the women’s line is scheduled for the Pre Spring 2022 collection.

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