PATTA x Tommy Hilfiger

PATTA x Tommy Hilfiger

PATTA x Tommy Hilfiger

Amsterdam-based streetwear brand PATTA has unveiled details of its first collaboration with legendary American high-end label Tommy Hilfiger. Teased a few days ago on social networks (article available HERE), the capsule is centered on the Pan-African flag, unity and community.

Pan-Africanism is a social, economic, cultural and political vision of emancipation of African communities. This movement aims to unify Africans on the continent with those of the global African diaspora.

In these times of division and individualism, the two partners wished to convey a positive message of unity and common strength, remembering the past and with the certainty of a bright future. This collection aims to highlight African culture and the self-actualization of African communities on the continent and around the world.

PATTA has reworked the iconic white, red and blue Tommy Hilfiger logo to feature the colors of the red, black and green Pan-African flag. These colors also pay homage to the Moroccan and Surinamese flags.  This unisex collection includes clothing in adult and children’s sizes. It’s based on iconic pieces from the archives of the American brand, reimagined by Patta. We find long jackets, jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and caps, presented in the colors of the Pan-African flag and decorated with inspirational messages. On these items, the Tommy Hilfiger flag is revisited alongside the Patta logo and the capsule theme « Unity is Strength, Division is Weakness ». Some pieces are embellished with the words « Love for all » and the slogan « Great Principles, Great Ideals Know No Nationality ».

To complete the strong message of this collaboration, PATTA called on Nigerian filmmaker Dafe Oboro to film the campaign in Lagos through his short film « Two Becomes One » and Moroccan visual artist Hassan Hajjaj for the photo shoot. The documentary « Katibo Yeye » directed in 2003 by Frank Zichem can be viewed on for a limited time. This work deals with slavery and the sea route from Ghana to Suriname taken by the ancestors of Surinamese musician based actually in the Neterlands, Clarence Breeveld.

The PATTA x Tommy Hilfiger collection will be released on April 9, 2021 via, on the PATTA app and in PATTA stores in Milan and Amsterdam. It will be available a few days later on April 12 in the PATTA shop in London and at select retailers on April 16, 2021.

Both partners will donate to three organizations supporting African diaspora communities : The Black Archives from Amsterdam, London’ Sistah Space and The Good Neighborhood Collective from Milan. Be ready !

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