Collection FABRICK x Footpatrol

Collection FABRICK x Footpatrol

Collection FABRICK x Footpatrol

The famous British retailer Footpatrol widens its field of competence by presenting us a collaboration with the sub-label FABRICK of Tatsuhiko Akashi MEDICOM TOY. Footpatrol brought its touch to a range of articles and accessories for the home.

MEDICOM TOY is a very popular and prized Japanese collector’s item brand. Since its launch exactly 25 years ago, it has been offering products that are appreciated in the world of streetwear but also in the world of Haute Couture. Beautiful collaborations have been created, such as with BAPE or Chanel, to name but a few. MEDICOM TOY’s flagship piece is the famous BE@RBRICK figurine, which has become an icon and whose editions are highly sought-after. MEDICOM TOY has also launched FABRICK, which broadens the range of collectibles by focusing more particularly on textile pieces and home accessories.

This Made in Japan collection is composed of 2 bags : a waist bag and a sacoche, a cushion and a pair of slippers. They are dressed in understated and elegant black and white tones. These items are meticulously made, with great care, in the rules of Japanese craftsmanship. The collection is built around the inspirations of the UK-based brand : graphic design, typography and the hometown of Footpatrol, London. The capital of England is also known as the « concrete jungle ». Footpatrol decided to use this image to create this capsule. The pieces are covered with a kind of labyrinth reflecting the streets and intertwined alleys of Soho, inspired by artistic references of optical illusionism, such as the works of Mc Escher.

The FABRICK x Footpatrol collection will be available on February 11, 2021 from 8am on The slippers will cost 35£, the sacoche 40£, the waist bag 45£ and the cushion 50£ Be ready !

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