Collection capsule atmos x Blue HamHam

Collection capsule atmos x Blue HamHam

Collection capsule atmos x Blue HamHam

The shop ATMOS is used to navigate with class between tradition and innovation. In parallel with its latest collaboration with the legendary brand Columbia (article available HERE), the retailer is interested in new trends. It unveils a new project: a capsule created with Blue HamHam, the hamster from space who have over 300 million views on Twitter, TikTok and other social networks.

The Blue HamHam are 4 extraterrestrial hamster brothers from the planet « Proxima b ». These little creatures were lost during a trip to Earth, and then collected by a kind human who treated them like regular pets. Just as plants need photosynthesis to live, Blue HamHams thrive on music : they create sounds, play instruments, and sing any musical style. These little animated hamsters are very popular around the world.

Atmos wanted to honor them with a special unisex collection. Composed of a long sleeve t-shirt and a hoodie, this capsule will also be presented in a special way.

In terms of design, the atmos branding has been reworked to incorporate signature space hamster details. The letter « a » appears in the color of the Blue Hamham : very light blue, and the « o » takes on the shape and aesthetics of the famous 4 musician brothers’ faces. This special atmos branding stands out on the front of the clothes, on the chest precisely, and is accompanied by the name « Blue Hamham » also two-tone. These collaborative pieces are each declined in 2 colorways : the t-shirt in white or black, and the hoodie in gray or black.

To celebrate the release of the atmos x Blue HamHam capsule collection, a special event will take place at the flagship store ATMOS PINK Harajuku : from November 19 to 28, 2021, an atmos x Blue HamHam Pop Up will be held. Items from this collection will be sold, and also those of the Blue Hamham franchise. To immortalize this exceptional moment, it will be possible to take a picture with the Blue Hamham in an exclusive photo booth and a new filter « Blue Hamham » (production: DINAMICA Co., Ltd) will be available on Instagram from November 19, 2021. Go follow @atmos_japan on IG if you haven’t already !

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