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The legendary CLARKS Original brand continues to reinvent itself with a brand new shoe collection. After paying homage to its creators, Cyrus and James Clark, with a special Wallabee, the British label’s teams were inspired by the ancient Japanese craft of Sashiko to reinvent the flagship Wallabee and Desert Boot models.

Born in the 17th century, Sashiko has evolved from a humble method of mending and maintaining everyday clothing to a recognized form of craft that can be used for aesthetic purposes.
« Sashiko » translates to « small strokes », referring to simple common stitches. This technique was most often used on indigo-dyed fabrics.

CLARKS wanted to honor the Sashiko with cult models, the WALLABEE and DESERT BOOT, made from premium indigo suede. These special versions feature off-white stitching to mimic this ancient Japanese craft. They also have a leather lace added at the ankle and tied at the heel. The eye-catching vintage look is provided by a traditional crepe sole.
The Wallabee is available in 2 versions : men’s and women’s. Both pairs feature an intricate embroidery with a triangular patchwork pattern, in the spirit of Boro (a Japanese method of reworking textiles through stitching, patches and patches).
Small particularities according to the version : On the men’s pair, the toe and heel have a different stitching pattern : linear, simpler and applied by hand. As for the women’s version, it’s adorned with a long drop collar that changes the style of the shoe.
The Desert Boot is more discreet. The indigo suede base has stitching only on the heel. The pattern chosen is the one seen on the Wallabee for men, simple and linear. To ensure the look, the collar and the top of the tongue are embellished with a classic stitch.
All 3 models feature a double hangtag, indigo blue and nude beige, as well as 2 sets of matching laces.

The CLARKS Originals Sashiko collection is released in 2 times. The men’s and women’s Wallabees are now available for $190 per pair in stores, online and at select retailers like BSTN and Milk Store. CLARKS only states that the Desert Boot will « coming soon », stay tuned !

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