Air Max Day 2021 celebration by Overkill shop: Bring the Future to Light

Air Max Day 2021 celebration by Overkill shop: Bring the Future to Light

Air Max Day 2021 celebration by Overkill shop: Bring the Future to Light

March 26, 1987 is a special date for Nike. It marks the launch of the very first Air Max 1. To honor this technology that crosses generations with as much success, the giant of Beaverton celebrates the « Air Max Day » every year on March 26. The Berlin-based reference shop OVERKILL decided to pay tribute to this 2021 event in its own way : with graffiti.

During the Air Max Day (which extends rather over 1 month), the American giant is used to present new models, like the Air Max Pre-Day unveiled a few days ago (article available HERE). Nike also creates the buzz by reissuing cult silhouettes and colorways, as well as legendary collabs.

For the AMD 2021, the Swoosh’s brand hit hard by releasing two legendary Air Max : the collaboration CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 « Kiss of Death » and the hyper sought Nike Air Max 90 Bacon.

These pairs with mythical and explosive colors inspired the German team of OVERKILL who has its roots in graffiti. They wanted to represent these two models in an artistic form and based on the motto « Thing Big ». Thus, the facade of a building near the OVERKILL store served as a canvas for graffiti artist HRVB, aka M.von Bias (@hrvbtheweird on Instagram). The artist took the design of each pair and transposed it in his own way in 2 parts on the facade. The spectacular work is called « Bring the Future to Light » and also conveys a message of tolerance and anti-racism with the painted phrase « The Future holds all the colors ».

The OVERKILL shop is also committed to eco-responsibility, sustainability and climate protection. That’s why the paints used to design these street art pieces come from AIRLITE (@airlite on Instagram), the first manufacturer in the world to produce a paint that is not made with chemical components, but with nanoparticles. This means that the Italian company AIRLITE’s paint is natural, non-toxic and on top of that, has air cleaning properties due to its nature. It’s important to know that the nanoparticle materials are activated by light and interact with the moisture in the air, so that harmful substances and particles are filtered out of the air.

All details of the Air Max Day 2021 Celebration by Overkill shop : « Bring the Future to Light » are available on the shop’s blog .  You will also find an interview of the graffiti artist HRVB and a nice video presenting his work on the façade of the Berlin building.

Don’t hesitate to follow all these people on social networks, as well as to have a look at the selection of sneakers, clothes, accessories and graffiti material on the website of the store Enjoy your visit !

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