BODEGA x SUICOKE Kaw « One of One »

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The famous Japanese sandal brand SUICOKE continues to invite international brands to revisit its iconic designs. While Carhartt recently brought its touch to the MOTO and the DEPA and Joshua Vides reimagined the BITA, BODEGA presents an exclusive KAW.

The iconic American shop wanted to convey a message through this collab.
The redesigned KAW appears as a symbol of individuality, a pair that celebrates the unique history of individuals.

Named « One of One », this KAW sandal was designed to be a unique piece. It’s to be worn, not kept in its box, and personalized so that everyone can express their taste and style.

BODEGA has created a casual sandal that will improve with age. That’s why the material chosen is denim.
The BODEGA team explained, « No material lends itself to the importance of personal narrative like denim. From its workwear roots to its place in street culture, denim has gone through periods of unconscious and conscious personalization in a way that has taken the world by storm. From the different shades of blue you can achieve by wearing a piece the same way, day in and day out, to the actual warp and weft of the fabric that creates the perfect backdrop to showcase patches, embroidery, accessories and other adjustments, denim is the ultimate canvas for wearable storytelling. »

This collaborative KAW features a faded blue denim upper with navy straps and lining. The look is completed with 2 engraved BODEGA metal snaps that accentuate the homage to denim’s workwear heritage. The footbed appears beige and the sole brown gum.

To give ideas for personalization, BODEGA invited friends and family to make this special SUICOKE KAW sandal their own.
For example, Adrienne, a textile artist from TEXTILE GENERAL STORE, covered the upper with decorative Sashiko-style stitching and Tim, the designer behind u*b*U* online, added several kinds of multi-colored buttons with the uncut stitching threads.

The BODEGA x SUICOKE Kaw « One of One » will be released on September 2, 2022 for $220 at BODEGA stores in Boston and Los Angeles on a first come, first served basis, and online at starting at 12pm EST. Good luck !

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