AFEW GOODS Collection capsule « Coffee-SALIDA DEL SOL »

AFEW GOODS Collection capsule « Coffee-SALIDA DEL SOL »

AFEW GOODS Collection capsule « Coffee-SALIDA DEL SOL »

The independent brand AFEW GOODS, from the famous German boutique AFEW, unveils a new special capsule. After having offered us the « Ballpark » collection paying tribute to one of the founders’ favorite childhood movies (article available HERE), a capsule honoring their love for coffee has been designed.

AFEW GOODS deliberately combines the two opposing worlds of streetwear and sustainability. The label presents high quality pieces that are thoughtfully crafted with a transparent value chain.

Marco and Andreas Biergen, the founders of the brand, said : « With the Afew Goods project, we want to bring together the worlds of streetwear and sustainability. We are well aware that we are part of the ecological problem that the fashion industry has caused. But we’re trying to find a better solution than just bearing witness. »

For this new collection featuring coffee, AFEW GOODS offers us a 100% organic white cotton « Afew Goods Coffee Tee » with vintage and jovial electric blue lettering and illustrations.

Marco and Andreas decided to expand the project with 3 more items. They called upon the knowledge and expertise of 2 personalities from their hometown of Duesseldorf : the « Rösterei Vier », which offers special coffees roasted on site, and the artist nicknamed Maxi, a ceramics specialist and responsible for the brand Hap Ceramis.

Together with Mateusz from Rösterei Vier, AFEW GOODS selected a very special coffee from Panama, Richard Lipner aka « Salida Del Sol ». The German brand presents it to us in a special eco-responsible bag, featuring the retro-style illustration on the back of the t-shirt. In order to enjoy this exceptional coffee in the right way, Maxi has handcrafted coffee mugs with a unique design. AFEW GOODS has also thought about the conservation of coffee beans. To keep them fresh, the label offers us a  Afew Goods Atmos vacuum canister. Its lid contains a pump that evacuates oxygen, so the coffee will last 50% longer. This container is also a very sustainable way to reduce the use of coffee packaging. Instead of throwing them away and buying new ones, simply take this Vaccum container to your local roaster and have them fill it.

The AFEW GOODS « Coffee-SALIDA DEL SOL » capsule collection will be released on October 23, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. CET in stores (with coffee tasting included) and online at Prices are set at 45€ (52$) for the t-shirt, 29€ (33$) for the mug, 34€ (40$) for the Vaccum container and 13€ (15$) for the coffee bag. Be ready !

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